6-Ways To Style Light Weight Jewellery this Festive Season

The jewellery world has witnessed the magnificent trend of light weight jewellery for the past few years & this season more than ever, is the time to embrace it. Light weight jewellery is easy on the pocket & perfect comfy wearing. Let’s take a look at light weight jewellery to your looks and add a whole new world of style to your jewellery:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Go for Gold
  • Fact: Diamonds are Forever
  • It’s all about the Earrings
  • Mix and Match
  • Pearls are always Appropriate
Trendy Ways for Styling Indian Jewelry with Western Outfits

As an Indian woman, you love your traditional Indian jewellery and perfectly match it to your ethnic wear. But have you ever thought of pairing western outfits with your traditional jewellery? Wearing jewellery has moved from just adding glitter to your outfit.

  • Statement Necklace with a Crisp White Shirt
  • Kundan Necklace with a Strapless Gown
  • Silver Jewellery for a Boho-chic Look
  • Jhumkas with an LBD
  • Gold Bangles instead of Stacking Bracelets
  • Maang Tikkas instead of a Headband
5 Jewelry Trends to Follow This Christmas!

Christmas is here, and with the magical season, you will see bright sparkly hues of red, green, gold and silver all around you. Whether you are spending Christmas with your family or will be partaking in all the merriment and festivities with friends, you will be dressed to the nines. And what better way to add an extra bit of pizzazz to your outfits than with some Christmas jewellery?

  • Christmas Colours
  • Statement Gold Chainlinks
  • Chandelier Earrings
  • Three-Finger Rings
  • Torc Necklaces
7-Ways To Style Light Weight Jewellery this Festive Season

The jewellery world has witnessed the magnificent trend of light weight jewellery for the past few years and this season more than ever, is the time to embrace it. Light weight jewellery is easy on the pocket and perfect comfy wearing. With countless contemporary designs, this cutting edge jewellery category is on the rise. Light weight jewellery isn’t just for everyday and office wear, the trend of light weight jewellery to style your traditional and occasion wear is in vogue. The trend of light weight jewellery has made it easy for you to shop light weight gold jewellery online this festive season.

From going to minimalist, to celebrating light weight jewellery in gold, wearing diamonds all day-everyday, dazzling earrings, trendy neckwear, mixing and matching and embracing the elegant pearl; our style tips have you covered for traditional, contemporary and everyday wear.

Let’s take a look at 7-ways by which you can bring light weight jewellery to your looks and add a whole new world of style to your jewellery collection:

1. Keep it Simple

The beauty of light weight jewellery is that it makes a bold statement with simple, elegant designs. Our first styling tip will help you add gravitas to your daily looks, with just a few pieces of amazing jewellery. Picking out one or two accessories versus wearing five different things, makes all the difference. Stackable rings for example, are easy to wear and extremely trendy. Pair a summer dress or a pair of jeans with our Intriguing 18K Yellow Gold Stacking Rings and you’re all set to go.

Stacking Rings

Stacking Ring

2. Go for Gold

The perception of light weight jewellery being appropriate only for casual wear has been destroyed by gorgeous traditional gold light weight earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings that will make your traditional occasion wear shine. This festive season, match a beautiful silk sari with gold light weight earrings such as our Blithe Ruby and Emerald 18K Gold Drop Earrings and a traditional choker and you have a complete, gorgeous look. You can find several beautifully curated designs of light weight gold jewellery online and in stores.

Ruby and Emerald Drop Earring

Ruby and Emerald Drop Earring

3. Fact: Diamonds are Forever

No jewellery collection is complete without diamonds. Light weight jewellery has several designs that celebrate diamonds. Paired with your daily office look, a dainty diamond pendant, diamond hook earrings or even stackable diamond rings like our Gold & Diamond Fancy Stacking Ring, are easy-to-wear and the pinnacle of elegance.

Diamond Stacking Ring

Diamond Stacking Ring

4. It’s all about the Earrings

A pair of earrings can take your look from zero to a 100 in just a second. From gold light weight earrings to light weight earrings with gems, there are endless choices for traditional wear and everyday wear. Style your newest lehenga with bold gold light weight jhumkas or your casual wear with something like our Artsy Diamond and Gold Danglers. The versatility of beautiful light weight earrings gold or silver is what makes them perfect for any look you desire.

Diamond and Gold Danglers

Diamond and Gold Dangler

5. Mix and Match

There’s nothing more fun and trendier than matching a pair of jeans with traditional jewellery. For example, mix and match traditional gold light weight earrings with a dainty contemporary bracelet and you have a look that is unique and gorgeous. Match a pair of pearl and gold light weight earrings like our Delicate Pearl and 18K Gold Jhumkis with an evening dress and glow with style and elegance.

Pearl and 18K Gold Jhumkis

Pearl and 18K Gold Jhumki

6. Chain it up!

From chokers to string necklaces and elegant pendants, the light weight jewellery category has several design choices for your office wear and occasion wear. Style your everyday top and jeans with a light weight Aquamarine, Blue Topaz & Crystal Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant. With light weight traditional gold chokers stirring up a new trend, your saris and lehengas have found their perfect match this festive season.

925 Sterling Silver Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Pendant

7. Pearls are always Appropriate

Pearls are the epitome of light weight jewellery. Easy-to-wear and always elegant, pearl light weight designs are truly gorgeous. From the more traditional Kundan inspired curations for this festive season to contemporary pearl sets that will make you stand out, the options are endless. Pair a traditional look with our Blue Topaz, Pearl, Peridot & Tourmaline 925 Sterling Silver Dangler Earrings and bring colour and charm to your wardrobe.

Topaz, Pearl, Peridot & Tourmaline 925 Sterling Silver Dangler Earrings

Topaz, Pearl, Peridot 925 Silver Dangler

Now you are completely ready to start styling your wardrobe this festive season with all the lovely designs and combinations that light weight jewellery has to offer. From gold light weight earrings, to diamond stackable rings and delicate bracelets with gems; this category will have you falling in love with every single piece you choose. Totally on tend, suitable for office wear and traditional wear, the pinnacle of contemporary chic; light weight jewellery is your perfect match for this festive season. Bring the joy of comfort, beauty and affordability to your wardrobe with light weight jewellery.

Top 5 Jewellery Trends to follow this Diwali

Jewellery Trends to follow this Diwali – In the Hindu calendar, the festival of Diwali is celebrated with much pomp and pageantry as it holds immense significance for people from Jain and Hindu religions. There are a number of reasons why this day is considered to be so auspicious, but there is one common belief that unties everyone who celebrates this festival. The common belief is that buying or gifting gold or silver on this auspicious day helps in growing your wealth and ensures eternal prosperity. This is the reason why people who believe in this festival, invest in some kind of gold or silver on this day. here find Top 5 Jewellery Trends to follow this Diwali.

Top 5 Jewellery Trends to follow this Diwali

Different families invest in gold or silver in different ways. Some prefer buying melted gold and storing is so that they can use it in the future in whichever way they want to, as per requirement then. Some others prefer investing in small delicate pieces of jewelry like a delicate earring or bracelet. It would be an entire planned outing where the full family would go to the jewelry shop, choose the gold Jewellery design and then make the final purchase after everyone had agreed to it. However, and rather very interestingly, with the way times have changed, people have started buying even gold online! A lot of brick and mortar stores now have an omni channel presence and a lot of independent gold jewellery online sellers have started selling via their own websites. The number of sellers has grown because of the increased demand. This has caused a shift in the way families buy gold on this auspicious occasion. While some still prefer sticking to the old traditional way, some families have shifted to buying it online.

This auspicious festival is just around the corner, and in case you were confused about where to invest your money so that you get the maximum returns from your investment, below mentioned are a few tips that will help you breeze through the process.

These tips have been compiled keeping in mind jewelry designs that are extremely versatile in nature and can be paired with both Indian as well as western wear. This not only allows you to flaunt your collection more often but also gives you a creative outlet to mix and match the designs with various outfits.

Top 5 Jewellery Trends to follow this Diwali

  • Delicate bracelets are very modern, stylish and a very easy piece of jewelry to style and pull off. When there is a festival at home, they can be easily paired with your Indian wear if you are aiming for a minimal look and something that is not too much on the heavy side. If there is a party and you are planning on wearing a cocktail gown or a party dress, it works great with that as well. If you are a working professional, these work great with work wear as well. Pair with a white shirt and a black skirt or formal pants. For a casual day out with friends, these can be paired with just about any outfit that you want to throw on. A simple dress, a casual tee or a cute skirt or top, whatever your pick, these bracelets work great with them! They are very chic, sleek and can make any ordinary outfit look very trendy and stylish.

bracelets - Sanaya

  • The most celebrated type of Indian jewelry that is loved by all age groups are earrings that light up any outfit that it is paired with. There is multiple gold earring design that are available like jhumkis, studs, hoops and drop downs, which are extremely versatile in nature. If you are going for a party and wearing a cocktail dress, then a drop-down earring with it will work wonders and make your entire look very chic. If you are wearing a saree with a high neck blouse, then jhumkis will elevate the entire look as it will draw attention to your face and light it up. If you are wearing a low-neck outfit and pairing it with a heavy necklace, then a simple pair of studs will complement the entire look and make you look like complete royalty
  • Jhumka
    The dilemma that most of us face during the winters is how to style a turtleneck or a sweater and scarf because there is no body part that is left to accessorize. However, that is when the humble ring comes to the rescue! A stack of delicate golden rings makes the entire look very cute and girly. They are extremely easy to style, look very pretty and add the chic factor to any outfit. Apart from winter clothes, they look great with the cocktail dress you have been saving, the Indian clothes that you last wore to your cousin’s wedding or a simple everyday outfit for a casual day out with friends.